Move council meetings

August 16, 2013

Attention: Fairfield County Council and residents. This is to request that the council meetings for the next three months at a minimum be moved to the magnet school auditorium so that any and all residents/stakeholders of the county can attend and be in the same room during the meetings. With all the growing issues and concerns the residents have, it is only fair that all persons who attend be able to be in the same room for observation and participation instead of limiting the occupancy and directing the overflow to a room down the hall.

My second request is that a Town Hall style meeting with questions from taxpayers and answers from the council being the agenda be scheduled. The lack of answers and flow of information is obviously not working to inform the taxpayers of Fairfield County. Council has continued to receive questions with no direct answers to 99% of the residents’ questions causing rumors, mistrust, and misinformation preventing the county from moving forward in a positive manner.

The council needs to remember that they work for the taxpayers of the county and according to the SC County Government Handbook, Chapter 2, page 13 are required to establish and maintain linkages to the Citizens and Stakeholders which is not being done and is very disrespectful to the residents. This request is being made public with many days’ notice prior to the next scheduled meeting on August 26, 2013.

I ask that all residents call or email your district representative to stress the need and your support for my two requests. We deserve no less and have been given much less to date. A copy of this is being sent to the council clerk at sbrown@fairfieldsc.com to inform the council members directly.

Beth Jenkins