An apology

September 3, 2013

After last Monday’s meeting, I owe County Council and Chairman Ferguson an apology. I further accept the blame for acting inappropriately. So here it is.

I accused you all of being responsible for not maintaining the grass on the roadways. I further went on to complain that I and my neighbors have to cut the grass so people can walk the streets without getting snake bit or killed at night. I have been advised by a reliable source my accusation is false and that the state is responsible for the roads and the grass cutting. Therefore, please accept this apology. It is stated with the same veracity as the accusation was given.

Of course, all this could have been avoided if we where permitted a dialogue of questions and answers. I take three minutes, and then you folks take three minutes to rebut the questions and then we move on. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Jeff Schaffer