UPAC Tanglewood holds memorial service

Kevin Boozer Staff Writer

September 8, 2013

RIDGEWAY — UniHealth Post Acute Care of Tanglewood held its annual memorial service in August with around 50 people attending to pay respects to people who had passed away thus far this year from the Tanglewoood.

With a theme of “We Remember,” the event included residents and family members who spoke to honor the recently deceased. A candle was lit in honor of the departed and family members stood when their loved ones were mentioned.

Chaplain Ken Lake spoke to the group on how important it is to take time to do their “grief work,” and to not take the “everyday people” in their lives for granted. He asked that they look at the people in the room sitting next to them and connect with those that are here.

“We are all a family at Tanglewood,” said Leslie Sandefur, president of the Resident Council. Sandefur lost her husband, Ben, in May.

She spoke of the love and support given to her from her Tanglewood family. Another family member, Ms. Rabb, spoke of her Tanglewood family as well. She encouraged those that had lost their loved ones to continue to return to Tanglewood to give and receive love and support of family.

New administrator Graham-Black spoke of losing her husband in the past several months, and how we keep our loved ones alive as we remember them with others.

Staff members Diolar Smith and Esther G led the group in songs of praise. Residents and staff led in prayer and read poems. United Hospice supplied a cake and refreshments for a gathering after the service.