Jenkinsville awaits start date on sidewalks project

Kevin Boozer Staff Writer

September 9, 2013

JENKINSVILLE — Mayor Greg Ginyard reported at the September meeting of the Jenkinsville Town Council that the town’s sidewalks project is a go.

He and Councilman James Trapp both spoke with officials at the S.C. Department of Transportation about the project.

Roger Sears with SCDOT said the project transitioned from the engineering stage and now is being overseen by the contracts project manager for SCDOT.

Trapp said Sears could not place a project start date because the contractor companies have multiple jobs they potentially could work on before they get to the Jenkinsville project.

Councilwoman Gayle Pauling asked what would become of any grant funds that remained after the project was completed.

Ginyard said he was told that money allocated for the project would be spent on sidewalks. He said if matching funds or grant funds remained the town would order the sidewalks to be expanded until all the allocated funds were used.

Minutes and the financial report were approved 3-0.