Fairfield County Veterans Affairs – serving those who have served Fairfield

September 22, 2013

Thank you! These are words that many of our veterans rarely hear, but definitely deserve. The service men and women of the United States Armed Forces have sacrificed their time, jobs, families, and lives to protect the freedom that we all enjoy.

Those from Fairfield County are no exception. Thanks to the fight to keep America safe and free, many have sacrificed and now suffer due to wounds, both obvious and hidden. We, the Fairfield County Veterans Affairs office, are here to help these veterans secure the many benefits which are justly due them.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the veteran population of Fairfield County from 2007-2011 is 2,064. Based on the number of active files located in our office, there are 1,289 active files consisting of 908 service men and women and 381 widows and dependents.

In doing the math, this equates to approximately 1,156 veterans who have not pursued the benefits due them through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Although widows and dependents are not added into the total number of veterans by either the Census or the Department of Veterans Affairs, our office also helps these family members of veterans secure the benefits that may be due them as well.

Because Fairfield County lacks one overall way to reach every citizen, many veterans are not aware of the services offered by our office. It is the goal of this office to ensure that Fairfield County Veterans are afforded the opportunity to pursue pension, compensation, death benefits, and VA Hospital care they so deserve.

To better help the veterans and citizens of the county understand the work our office does for our veterans on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, the following statistics should shed some light on the hard work we do on behalf of those who have served us.

During the past five years, the work set forth by the Fairfield County Veterans Affairs Office has brought the following amounts of economic development into the county:

— 2008: $10,835,000

— 2009: $12,691,000

— 2010: $13,716,000

— 2011: $14,647,000

— 2012: $12,433,000

Five year total: $64,322,000

We, KaTrina Byrd and Eric Robinson, ask that if you have not notified our office that you would like to pursue the benefits you feel you deserve due to your service in the U.S. Armed forces, contact us at 803-635-4131, email us at vafairfieldsc@truvista.net or e.robinson@fairfieldsc.com, or come by our office at 96 U.S. 321 Bypass South (JB Floyd Building).

Information provided by Fairfield County Veterans Affairs office