New forestry agent aims to educate

Lucas Vance Staff Writer

October 9, 2013

WINNSBORO — Ryan Bean is the new forestry and natural resources agent at the Clemson Extension Services office in Winnsboro.

He began working in Winnsboro in January, and worked with the Forestry Commission after graduating from Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in Forestry Service Management.

Bean works with 4-H offices in Fairfield, Lee, Kershaw and Chesterfield counties. Although he is housed out of the Camden office, Fairfield County residents can visit Bean every Wednesday at the Floyd Building, 96 U.S. 321, for information about natural resources specific to forestry.

In the future, Bean plans to hold educational events to teach citizens about prescribed burns and new chemicals. Due to recent legislation being passed, some landowners are unclear about how prescribed burns can be used and what chemicals are best.

He will hold events and programs to teach people about those changes, and provide any new chemicals that require a different application. Bean is also available to provide information on how to use the chemicals and give the community a skill set for how to use the new ideas.

Additionally, he does one-on-one visits with residents to evaluate tree health. Bean said there are many land owners who do not have the proper skills to maintain their land.

“A lot of citizens have inherited property and need some guidance in taking care of their property,” he stated. “And that is what I’m here for. I’m able to step in and help jumpstart a person with the state and health of their property.”

Because they are a state agency, 4-H does not involve itself with pricing land and can only give general forest management advice.

Forestry is one of the state’s fastest growing businesses, and Bean wants to enhance and promote the knowledge of land owners in South Carolina.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that forestry is a major industry and revenue source in South Carolina,” he noted.

Forestry is the largest industry in South Carolina, and Bean’s office’s mission statement is enhancing and promoting the knowledge of land owners in South Carolina.

To schedule a one-on-one session with him or for additional information contact him by phone at 803-840-6124 or by email at rbean@clemson.edu.