Band reconnects with roots at First Church of the Nazarene

Kevin Boozer Staff Writer

November 1, 2013

WINNSBORO — Members of the Christian band The Change returned to their roots Oct. 20 as they played at the First Church of the Nazarene in Winnsboro.

That church was one of the first gigs the band ever played once it formed around three years ago. The band was in town promoting its newest album entitled “Against All Hope,” an album the band engineered, wrote, recorded and produced in its Newberry studio.

“We came here to share music to help people grow in a relationship with the Lord,” front man Andrew Morris said, “to help people renew and reconnect spiritually and to change lives forever, not just for one night’s performance.”

Youth leader Ellen Broome has a long standing relationship with Morris and the band. They have played New Year’s Eve now for several years at First Church of the Nazarene.

“We just love them and love their spirit. From the first time we heard them, they (youth) just come out and blend right in with them,” Broome said. Around 20 youth are in her group, though the concert attracted teens who attended other churches, too.

Youth Jamaal Brown said the band’s work is proof that God changes lives. He has been attending First Church of the Nazarene since August and said he just loves the church.

“My passion is music and even when I tried to stray away from God music touched me and brought me back to Him,” he said. Brown was thankful the band came to the Winnsboro community, an area that he recently moved into.

Drummer Cody Jeter spoke about being a generation called to step out on faith and be glad to live their lives for Christ. He talked about the beauty of this world and how people cannot fathom heaven but of how much more beautiful a future life that will be for people of faith.

CDs, chord sheets, gear and promotional materials are available at www.folllowingthechange.com. The site includes video tutorials so youth and youth leaders can learn to play the Change’s songs and share the music ministry.

The website also contains a movement page that has resources small groups, or individuals, can use to help them reach out and make a difference through worldwide or local philanthropic organizations. Charity water, Compassion International, The Giving Keys, and are just a few of the outreach efforts mentioned.

The band is looking to impact people in a worshipful way by offering in-home events. If an event includes a minimum of 25 people, the band will perform for free. If not, the cost is $100. Home owners are responsible for clearing out space for the band to set up and perform the approximately one hour worship set. The set must only include the band The Change. The band also reserves its right to minister, speak or give testimony.