‘Shop Fairfield First’ is back

Lucas Vance Staff Writer

November 28, 2013

WINNSBORO — It might be called Black Friday, but shoppers in Fairfield County will be looking for the color pink this weekend.

The seventh annual “Shop Fairfield First” will start Nov. 29 and run through Dec. 24. Shoppers should look for pink fliers in storefront windows to indicate if the merchant is participating in the Shop Fairfield First event.

For every $25 spent at a participating merchant there will one ticket put into a basket for a drawing to win a $50 reward. The drawings will be held on Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 20 and Dec. 27.

Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce president Terry Vickers told The Herald Independent that there are 24 participating merchants this year. That number increased from last year, due in large part to additional shops opening up in Winnsboro and Ridgeway.

“We encourage shoppers to buy local so that the dollars stay here (in Fairfield County),” Vickers stated.“It is really a neat thing that people look forward to.”

Vickers also said that the event has caught on because patrons not only like it because there is an opportunity to win $50, but also a chance to have their photo taken by The Herald Independent alongside the merchant that they shopped with.

The chamber has been building momentum for the event through advertising, social media and displaying the fliers in the storefront windows.

There have been plenty of out-of-town shoppers participate in Shop Fairfield First as well. Vickers said they either are visiting relatives or have come specifically to shop in Fairfield. One of the last year’s winners was from Charleston.

“It is really a fun thing and has caught on because we’ve been doing it long enough that people recognize it,” Vickers noted.

Last year there was a total of $72,825 spent at the participating merchants during the four-week event.

“That’s a pretty good showing during that time period,” Vickers said.“That is bringing some good business into the participating merchants.”

The chamber is always wanting to do better and have set an even higher goal for this holiday season.

“We would love to see it reach $100,000 this year. That would be marvelous,” Vickers said.