Firefighters turn out for benefit walk

Kevin Boozer Staff Writer

December 11, 2013

Kevin Boozer

Staff Writer

MITFORD — Firefighters donned turnout gear to respond to a call from one of their own Nov. 10, as volunteer and professional firefighter Brad Good led a run/walk/carry benefit to raise funds for Operation Enduring Warrior.

In conjunction with The Corn Fed Group (a Spartan Team) the Mitford Fire Department helped raise $3,000.

Brad Good, 26, led in the carry competition, carrying a pack of around 125 pounds as a way to raise money for the cause. That carry and walk came on the heels of his participation in the Spartan race the day before at Carolina Adventure World.

A hobby for the volunteer firefighter from Mitford who works professionally as a Florence firefighter, he used his connections with Operation Enduring Warrior. Good was going to do the walk himself but asked his firefighting brothers and sisters to join in. The fire fighters dressed in full turnout gear for the five-mile walk from their station to Carolina Adventure World.

The wounded warriors wear gas masks when they do the Spartan races, inspiring the group of firefighters to do their walk in full turnout gear. During wounded warrior Spartan Race Events, one warrior carries a leg amputee on his back, for instance, and then when the course involves rope climbing, the amputee climbs.

Medals were awarded to the 28 walk participants. Mitford Fire Chief Mike Good, Brad’s father, said they timed their walk to honor the Wounded Warriors while that group was in the area for a separate event.

Good said next year they plan to do another walk for Operation Enduring Warrior and the Mitford Volunteer Fire Department also will do a cancer walk in honor of Mike Good, a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor.