FOMZI, town verbally agree on Mt. Zion deal

Lucas Vance Staff Writer

December 17, 2013

Lucas Vance

Staff Writer

WINNSBORO — A final effort to save the historic Mt. Zion building in Winnsboro has been made: A deal has been tentatively agreed on between the town and the citizen’s group, Friends of Mt. Zion Institute.

During the Dec. 3 town council meeting, council delivered an update on where the town stood with the Mt. Zion property and a prospective contract allowing ownership and renovation to FOMZI.

“FOMZI has accepted the agreement we’ve presented them,” Winnsboro’s Mayor Roger Gaddy stated.

Gaddy said the details of the agreement will be made available only after the contract has been officially signed. Town manager Don Wood confirmed the contract has been accepted — although by a verbal agreement only.

“We’ve presented it to them (FOMZI) and they’ve tentatively accepted, but the ink has not been signed yet,” Gaddy noted.

Gaddy agreed to share the contract with the media once council receives documentation of acceptance from FOMZI.

After an executive session, council unanimously voted to spend an estimated $17,000 to repair a sewer line coming from the Mill Village. The line serves a residential area.

The next town council meeting is scheduled for Dec. 17.