Questions but no solutions

February 1, 2014

Solutions and accomplishments regarding Mr. Ferguson’s rant that Saving Fairfield is only critical. Sorry, that is not true. Saving Fairfield has gotten a lot of things stopped and on the road to repair, removed or improved.

We removed Mr. Hinley, L.O.S.T. money reviewed, stopped the $795 each month for each council member reimbursement for nothing, recreation money (still a $3.5 million joke) and they want to spend $35,000 on a consultant to tell them what to do.

Economic Development? How is that going for Mr. Ferguson? Tax relief, tax millage reduction. We asked, they ignored it. Procurement practices SF will see this is changed for sure.

The lawsuit for (those) who felt their insurance and tuition money is theirs regardless of what the Attorney General says. We shall see!

Genesis plan — when are they going to address this? We’ve asked and have never heard what is their VISION for the county. We still want to hear in detail their Master Plan for the county. What goals are they attempting to achieve.

What other projects are allocated for the future? We want to hear about them way in advance. So, we can report back as we did on Drawdy Park and tell everyone before hand that the wall is going to cave in. But, you folks just didn’t want to listen. All this while we attempted to change the bylaws and requested you to remove deadbeat council members, who get paid but don’t show up.

Forget the Town clock, we now have the Great Wall of Failure. What better monument to our illustrious leaders of Fairfield County could be erected, then the one that crumbled at Drawdy Park?

This is the perfect example of amateur politicians and so called well informed and educated council members. How’s that for solutions, Mr. Ferguson.

Jeff Schaffer