Throw out the incumbents

July 11, 2014

Why do we settle for mediocrity?

We here in Fairfield County should take great pride in the fact that during the “Drawdy Park Fiasco.”

No one died, no one was reprimanded, no one in the county office was taken to task for accountability or responsibility! How fortunate are we?

Very, that no one was injured, all the other issues just show us the mindset of county council and how it operates.

If this was a for profit business we would be bankrupt. Instead of fixing the difficulty, it seems best to sweep all the problems under the rug.

Millions of your tax payers dollars go into projects awarded to companies like (S2) who completely fail to provide what they where hired to do.

My question is …Why are these people still working here?

Instead, we should be delighted with happiness beyond our wildest dreams, because no one was promoted. And that my friend says it all!

We sit on the edge of utter and complete failure; our frustrations and disappointment go without saying. I’ve been told a good comparison to Fairfield is any 3rd world county.

The standard for excellence is a bar that has been buried so deep, that no one can even trip over it in Fairfield County.

It’s a place where we will select and re-elect people year after year, who have proven to us over and over again, they have No talent, No successes to speak of, No skills what’s so ever.

It’s time to stop laughing or crying and do what is right.

Its only months away we need honorable people, intelligent, successful, passionate, people with a vision for our future. This is not a party issue this is simply who’s going to serve us best, throw out the incumbents.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello