Summer program is stepping stone for Fairfield baseball

July 26, 2014

WINNSBORO — The Fairfield County Recreation Department recently partnered with the Newberry County Recreation Department to allow youth to play in a baseball league. The age ranged from 13 to 16.

Both Richard Winn and Fairfield County Schools had representation on this team. The season started the last week in May and ended July 19 with Fairfield winning the championship. The team was coached by Mike Moors, a P.E. teacher at Fairfield Elementary School, and Jay Christie, who works for the school district’s Maintenance Department.

The championship game was played at Newberry College between Fairfield County and Restoration Outreach Center of Newberry on July 19. The Restoration Outreach Center was held to one run due to the arm of Stanley “Monk” McManus.

Fairfield committed no errors on its way to a 5-1 victory. The Restoration Outreach Center was held scoreless after the first inning. Fairfield answered with two runs in the bottom of the first inning and added another run in the bottom of the third inning.

Fairfield tacked on their final two runs in the fifth inning. Vincent Beaver led the infield with three great efforts at shortstop stopping the batters in their tracks.

Lane Floyd held his own in the outfield making a crucial catch in the fourth to end the inning. Stanley McManus had nine strikeouts and went 2-3 at the plate. Coker Gilbert had three hits and Trey “Big Poppy” Williams went 2-3.

After the game, even the Fairfield coaches Jay Christy and Head Coach Mike Moore ran onto the field to join in the celebration.

The Fairfield team consisted of 13 players including Stanley McManus, Vincent Beaver, Coker Gilbert, Peyton Gilbert, Tracy Williamson, Trey Williams, Ty Young, Lane Floyd, C.J Truedale, Deandre Bell, Dalton Truesdale, Taylor Truesdale and B.J. Smith.

The Fairfield coaches gave special thanks to the Fairfield County Recreation Department, the Newberry County Recreation Department and hope that the summer program for ages 13-16 will continue in the future.