Herald Independent- RSS OPINION Feed http://heraldindependent.com/section/OPINION http://heraldindependent.com/section/OPINION Fri, 24 Oct 2014 20:15:45 EST 1800 Voter: Billy Smith wants to serve whole county http://heraldindependent.com/news/letters/150250140/Voter:-Billy-Smith-wants-to-serve-whole-county I have already cast my ballot, absentee, in the Fairfield County Council race for District 7. I'm pleased to say that I voted for Billy Smith and am in full support of his candidacy. Fri, 24 Oct 2014 15:35:02 EST The wonderful, wonderful world of sports http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion_columns/150280388/The-wonderful-wonderful-world-of-sports Hello, I'm Ben Hohenstatt, and I'm a sports addict. Fri, 24 Oct 2014 12:01:05 EST Clarification on money disbursement http://heraldindependent.com/news/letters/150194877/Clarification-on-money-disbursement I am writing this letter to straighten out an item written in the Herald, Oct. 14, 2014. Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:46:01 EST South Carolina Insurance News Service addresses weather, theft and insurance needs http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion/150195995/South-Carolina-Insurance-News-Service-addresses-weather-theft-and-insurance-needs This week Newberry NOTES features the South Carolina Insurance News Service. Executive Director Russ Dubisky has selected news and views in a variety of up-to-date topics. Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:15:13 EST Information about the Survivor Benefit Plan, veterans and spouses http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion/150196487/Information-about-the-Survivor-Benefit-Plan-veterans-and-spouses Spouses previously enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) can get service from any ID card office. Initial applications must be made through the parent service. The former spouse application for an ID card requires the... Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:15:11 EST Sanders is right candidate for seat http://heraldindependent.com/news/letters/150149925/Sanders-is-right-candidate-for-seat To the editor: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:14:13 EST Brown: Sanders is the man for the job http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion-politics/150190502/Brown:-Sanders-is-the-man-for-the-job To the editor: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:14:14 EST Vote for Smith is vote for future http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion-politics/150190577/Vote-for-Smith-is-vote-for-future To the editor: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:14:11 EST Viewing political corruption more broadly http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion/150195754/Viewing-political-corruption-more-broadly Earlier this year, veteran political writer Thomas Edsall reported an eyebrow-raising fact about Americans' views toward government. Polling by Gallup, he noted, found that the proportion of Americans who believed that corruption is... Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:14:12 EST We can’t go on eating like this http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion/150113105/We-cant-go-on-eating-like-this Once the human race stopped throwing spears and gathering berries, our bodies suffered. Planting seeds and harvesting produce made leisure possible, but it also meant we grew shorter, fatter, sicker, and considerably more overworked. Fri, 10 Oct 2014 07:30:17 EST Support for Keith Lewis for Sheriff http://heraldindependent.com/news/letters/150076304/Support-for-Keith-Lewis-for-Sheriff By way of introduction, I am a retired Assistant Director with SLED and I have known and worked along side Keith Lewis for more than 30 years, having met him early in his and my career. I knew then that with his work ethic he was going places. I was... Fri, 10 Oct 2014 07:30:16 EST When $1.5 trillion could be too low, the price tag is too high http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion_columns/150062597/When-$1.5-trillion-could-be-too-low-the-price-tag-is-too-high It's not yet clear exactly how much the Pentagon's fancy new F-35 combat jet will cost or when any of these stealth fighters will become operational. But the F-35 already shows great promise in the tough competition to become the most... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:12:10 EST Climate action: Stand on the ashes of power http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion_columns/150062606/Climate-action:-Stand-on-the-ashes-of-power In recent comments at the United Nations Climate Summit, US president Barack Obama espoused an urgent need for all the nations of Earth to work together and engage anthropogenic climate change. Obama ensured his peers in attendance that the... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:12:09 EST Pull the e-brake on perpetual US war in the Middle East http://heraldindependent.com/news/editorial/150029531/Pull-the-e-brake-on-perpetual-US-war-in-the-Middle-East The New York Times editorial board has finally awakened to Obama's “strategy” in the “war” (as it is officially called now) against ISIS. It is essentially the same strategy that has guided literally hundreds of US... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:10:14 EST November’s elections won’t resolve much of anything http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion_columns/150029508/Novembers-elections-wont-resolve-much-of-anything Members of Congress are home now, campaigning for the upcoming elections. Their messages are all over the map, and for a good reason: they have very little to brag about. Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:10:12 EST TRICARE vaccine program update: Infancy to adulthood http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion/50803887/TRICARE-vaccine-program-update:-Infancy-to-adulthood Although National Immunization Awareness month has ended and most children have returned to school, this is still a good time of year to review required vaccines and check immunization schedules to be sure we are all adequately protected. For most,... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:09:09 EST Some serious potty talk http://heraldindependent.com/news/editorial/50803661/Some-serious-potty-talk There's a photo-word montage on the Internet in which a little boy, presumably from Africa, looks skeptically at a woman who is apparently from somewhere else. The boy asks, “You mean to tell me you have so much clean water, that you... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:09:02 EST Make your investments fuel change http://heraldindependent.com/news/editorial/50803651/Make-your-investments-fuel-change People around the world are pressing their leaders to act on climate change and fueling change on their own. Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:08:22 EST A bee in the hand http://heraldindependent.com/news/editorial-opinion/50734437/A-bee-in-the-hand Sometimes the honey does get the bee to land in your hand. And sometimes no matter what you do, the Bee will be what he is and only want to sting you. This Monday evening's County Council meeting was in my opinion, a break through. Most of the... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:08:13 EST Hugo was defining moment for our state http://heraldindependent.com/news/opinion/50694176/Hugo-was-defining-moment-for-our-state It's been a quarter century since South Carolina felt the wrath of Hurricane Hugo, but it remains a defining moment for our state. Thu, 9 Oct 2014 08:13:21 EST